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Hi, i want to reset DateTime values for my database in a C# program but it seems DateTime can't be nulled. Any advice on how to do it or if not how to reset the DateTime value? Thanks in advance.
Thanks7872 23-Oct-13 2:23am    
What do you mean by "reset DateTime value"?
Timberbird 23-Oct-13 2:25am    
DateTime is a structure, so yes, it can't be nulled. You could try using DateTime.MinValue as a special "non-defined date and time" value
YourAverageCoder 23-Oct-13 2:26am    
Thanks. I would have rated your answer but i can't since it's posted as a comment.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 23-Oct-13 2:35am    
I'm sure this is a wrong answer. Please see my comment.
Timberbird 23-Oct-13 2:40am    
Glad I could help. It's just the first thing that came to my mind - possibly there's a better solution (like using nullable DateTime, i.e. "DateTime?" - it's possile, but I'm not sure which is more suitable for you)

This is a structure, a value type and hence is not nullable. You can make a member or a variable of System.DateType nullable if you use the type System.DateType? instead:
System.DateType? myTime = null;


if (myTime == null) //...

Please see:[^].

Semantically, it looks like you complement the value set of any non-nullable type with one extra point: null value, that's all. I don't advise to try to use "reset value" (like default(System.DateTime)). The default value is a valid point of time, it cannot be considered as "no time". Don't use it, better use the nullable type.

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BillWoodruff 23-Oct-13 3:44am    
Excellent +5
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 23-Oct-13 9:26am    
Thank you, Bill.
Hi ,

You can send a value to data base using


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