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I have a class ( project) for managing local user accounts.
I support more than 200 servers across north america that are not in a domain (long story).

My has no issue adding users, setting passwords and even creating groups, but I cant figure out how to add users to a group.
Here is the add user function - properties are used for gathering information - this works well
Public Function AddUser()
        Dim obDirEntry As DirectoryEntry = Nothing
            obDirEntry = New DirectoryEntry("WinNT://" & pServer)
            Dim entries As DirectoryEntries = obDirEntry.Children
            Dim obUser As DirectoryEntry = entries.Add(pUserName, "User")
            Dim obRet As Object = obUser.Invoke("SetPassword", pPassword)
            Return True
        Catch ex As Exception
            Return ex.Message
        End Try
    End Function

Here is my function for adding a user to a group - The msgboxes are there to gather error info

Public Function AddToGroup()
        Dim obDirEntry As New DirectoryEntry("WinNT://" & pServer & ",computer")
        Dim obUser As DirectoryEntry = obDirEntry.Children.Find(pUserName, "user")
        Dim obGroup As DirectoryEntry = obDirEntry.Children.Find("Administrators", "group")
        obGroup.Invoke("Add", New Object() {obUser.Path.ToString})
        Return True

    Catch ex As Exception
        Return False
    End Try
End Function

Here are the two errors

1) Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.

2) A memeber could not be added to or removed from the local group because the member does not exist

I have also added to other msgbox's to look at the paths returned and this is the results

obdirentry = WinNT://,computer

obUser = WinNT://workgroup/ ------
test88 is a valid user on the target system

Any help would be great... Thanks in advance

1 solution

Any thoughts on this one... If someone has a different way of doing this in I am open to that aswell
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d_modugno 25-Oct-13 11:09am    
I could really use some help here.... someone must have done this before

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