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Hi friends ,

I have database temp.

Id (autoincrement) int
name varchar(50)
password varchar(50)

i insert one record using Procedure , then i want to fech that inserted record id which is autoincrement by sqlserver. How i can done above thing in project.

if you have any program related to this then plz help me.

Hiren Bhalsod

Imagine... If you had googled this (like I did), you wouldn't have had to wait for an answer...

The following line will tell you the last identity that was entered into the specified table.

thanx for the help , i used in procedure and it work but problem is in my .aspx page how i can get this value.


From JSOP: You can either return it (like you return a value in C#), or set an output parameter for your stored procedure. Google is your friend.


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