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How do I calculate age using javascript in c#.

I have two textboxes. In one textbox I entered date, and on the onblur even, I alled javascript code to calculate age. I could easily show the age in popup. My question is how do I automatically insert age in to the second text box.

My Javascript code:-
<script type="text/javascript">
        function checkAge() {
            var today = new Date();
            var d;
            var dateEntered = document.getElementById('<%=TextBox7.ClientID %>').value;
         var objRegExp = /\d{1,2}\-\d{1,2}\-\d{4}$/
         if (!objRegExp.test(dateEntered)) {
             alert('Date not in correct format');
             return false;
         d = dateEntered.split('-');
         var yearEntered = parseInt(d[2]);
         var nowYear = parseInt(today.getFullYear());
         var age = nowYear - yearEntered;
         //return false;

Aspx code for first textbox:-
<asp:TextBox ID="TextBox7" onblur="Javascript:checkAge();" runat="server" OnTextChanged="TextBox7_TextChanged" Width="150px"></asp:TextBox>

Try this[^] out.
Gee Varghese 26-Oct-13 10:11am
Thanks dear, but, how can I insert the age to my second textbox ?
If you already calculated age on the Textbox onblur event then you wont have problem to just assign it to the second textbox. I have answered a similar question , May Check the below link

How to Auto Calculate on Page Load[^]

Hope this helps
have you tried update panel put your text boxes in update panel
write code in txtboxchangeevent on serverside

 protected void TextBox7_TextChanged(object sender,EventArgs e)
// you can check for null before assigning (optional)


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