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i have 3 tables in my database and i have a column news varchar(max) in all 3 tables and i want to search a given text in all the tables and want to know in which table that text is present.what will be the query?
Updated 27-Oct-13 20:48pm
TrushnaK 28-Oct-13 2:56am
what you have tried so far....
post you tried query and table stucture.

You can use full text search for each table:
SELECT id,news FROM products WHERE CONTAINS(news, "words to search here")

Please refer the link : SQL Full Text Search Programming[^]
lets say there are 3 tables employee,student,employer and all three has a Address column
use this query to see in which table the text is available.

SELECT		a.Address as employeeAddress,
			b.Address as studentaddress,
			c.Address as employeraddress
FROM		employee	a left outer join
			student		b
			on a.empcode = b.stid
			left outer join
			employer	c
			on b.stid = c.EmployerCode			
where		(
			a.Address	like '%texttobesearched%'
			b.Address	like '%texttobesearched%'
			c.Address	LIKE '%texttobesearched%'

Hope this helps!

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