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Hi Friends,

I have html form when I click submit button .data should be moved to a excel sheet

Again if I entered one more data in html form that should be appended in excel not replace !!

below is the my html file in ...please help me out.

I dont have idea in VBScript. please


<TITLE>Exporting into Excel</TITLE>


<SCRIPT Language = "VBScript">

Function Export(P,R)

Set ExcelApp = CreateObject("Excel.application")
ExcelApp.Visible = True

strPathDoc = "D:\atul.xls" 'Your File path

Set myExcelDoc = ExcelApp.Workbooks.Open(strPathDoc)
ExcelApp.Visible = True
myExcelDoc.Windows(1).Visible = True
set XlSheet = myExcelDoc.Worksheets(2)
Set myExcelDoc = Nothing
Set ExcelApp = Nothing
End Function

Sub cmdExp_OnClick()
Dim lPrincipal
Dim dblRate

Frstnm = Disnm.value
Lstnm = TreatGrp.value
cInterest = Export(Frstnm, Lstnm)

End Sub


First Name: <INPUT Type="Text" Name="Disnm" Value="">

Last Name : <INPUT Type="Text" Name="TreatGrp" Value="">
<INPUT Type="Button"
Name="cmdExp" Value="Connect"> </BODY> </HTML>

Updated 5-Nov-18 4:34am
Priyanka1190 29-Jan-15 5:43am    
what are the requirements to run this code?

1 solution

When you assign your values into cells, you should check if these cells have values or not.
For example, if you want to append values vertically: A6, A7, then A8, A9, and the 3rd time is A10, 11,
you can use this:
currentRow = 6
currentVal = XlSheet.Range("A" & currentRow).value
While currentVal <> ""
    currentRow = currentRow + 1
    currentVal = XlSheet.Range("A" & currentRow).value
XlSheet.Range("A" & currentRow).value = P
XlSheet.Range("A" & (currentRow + 1)).value = R
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Nagendra Dantam 29-Oct-13 14:03pm    
Can you please provide entire code actually I don’t know VB Script.
thanh_bkhn 29-Oct-13 22:45pm    
Try to replace your cell value assignment with these code

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