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I am working on web application in which user can purchase packages. On the base of these packages user can do different operations. Currently I am using following structure.

Table - Packages
PackageId (PK) NameAmountPackageTypeId

Table - PackageType

PackageTypeId (PK) Name

Table - UserPackages

UserPackageId (PK) UserIdPackageId (FK)ExpireDateisActive
1 (PK) 3001 (FK)2013-2-10yes

Table - UserInvoices

InvoiceId (PK)UserIdUserPackageId (FK)AmountTransactionId

My Questions Are.

Is this database design is correct
Now i want user can upgrade his package

(Startup --> Premium or Professional)
(Premium --> Professional)

Where these package priority should be saved?

My thought. I have to create new table ( PackagePriority ) with following structure

PriorityId (PK) - PackageId (FK) - PriorPackage (this will also PackageId with different name)

1 (PK) - 1 (FK) - 2 (FK)

2 (PK) - 1 (FK) - 3 (FK)

3 (PK) - 2 (FK) - 3 (FK)

is this right idea?

How can i find user current package is upgradeable to other packages?

1 solution

Your DB design is workable, there's never one 'right' answer, but this will work. To know if some packages can be upgraded and others cannot, you store that as a bit in a new column on the package types
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