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can we take text box in drop down list ?
dropdown list's first element will be a textbox and other elements are the values
i want this because i have to apply AutoComplete to that textbox

ComboBox is an ASP.NET AJAX control that, like the AutoCompleteExtender, combines the flexibility of a TextBox with a list of options that users are able to choose from. It borrows many of its properties, behaviors, and naming conventions from the Windows Forms ComboBox control, and is derived from the same base class as the ListBox, BulletedList, and DropDownList web controls. In fact, a ComboBox is best described as a DropDownList that can be typed directly into like a TextBox.

<ajaxToolkit:ComboBox ID="ComboBox1" runat="server"
     ItemInsertLocation="Append" ... >

Get more details here
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Prasad gavande 7-Nov-13 5:43am    
thanks but i want something like this
<select name="color">
<option><input type="text" name="color" /></option>
<option>pick a color</option>
<option value="red">RED</option>
<option value="blue">BLUE</option>

i think its not available to take textbox in dropdownliist as of my knowledge
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@satyaanupama thank you but it is done in metro style Css
please go here

form element and general
there is drop down list with text box i want to do the same
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