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I have Enum.
Enum abs

This way i want to define and want to display in radiobutton list this way when i bind my list to this Enum.

But at the time of writing Enum,its giving me error when i use / . Please suggest.
Updated 7-Nov-13 19:43pm

You can use DisplayName attribute with the enum.

Below - not a realistic example but something that you could consider.
public enum Name{
  [DisplayName("FN")] FirstName,
  [DisplayName("%LN")] LastName
Torakami 8-Nov-13 1:26am
this seemsz to me good but where shall i put values . because i also want to assign value as well .. say for yy format 0 and for yy/yy format 1 .. as i am binding this enum with radiobutton list
You are using forbidden character for variable/constant/enum items. No way you can use that character. You can use "_" instead.

Your item cannot begin with a number, nor use % & / + - * anywhere.

Google "reserved characters" for more info.

Also, I'm not sure you are supposed to giva a value to your enumeration items, they usually number themselves starting at 0.
Torakami 8-Nov-13 1:13am
what i want to do is .. in my radio button list i want to diplay yy and yy/yy . or i am choosing Enum because there may be chances that user can select some other formats as well .. so .. any way i can achive this

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