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hi everybody
this is code of backspace button (just delete last character) in calculator , in MFC(C++)
it hase error...I will be happy if you guide me
thank you

int n=strlen(m_strNumber);   // n is length of editbox
for(int i=0;i<n-1;i++)
    m_strNumber[i+1]=m_strNumber[i]; // error : expression must be modifiable lvalue

Updated 10-Nov-13 10:45am
CHill60 10-Nov-13 14:18pm
And what is the error?
CHill60 10-Nov-13 14:31pm
And having looked at it again, this will not delete the last character
Diba.S 10-Nov-13 15:11pm
erroe: expression must be modifiable
I'm not sure about this code but I think it's true and because don't understand what is problem I asked you guide me . and why you say it doesn't delete last character?,could you please tell more?
CHill60 10-Nov-13 15:22pm
All you are doing is resetting the characters following the one at index i ... e.g. if m_strNumber is "123" then when i = 0 you are trying to set m_strNumber to "113", when i = 1 m_strNumber becomes "111". I would have thought that you would just want to remove the last character in the string (or move the null back 1 position).
As to the error ... how have you declared m_strNumber?
Diba.S 10-Nov-13 15:30pm
emmm...yes,as you explain I did wrong... :/ now could you tell me how should I change the code?
CPallini 11-Nov-13 4:30am
Richard already shown how correctly do it. However, shouldn't the UpadateData call already make the trick?
Diba.S 11-Nov-13 12:33pm
yes,it should call before
Diba.S 11-Nov-13 12:26pm
thanks for your attention to my question

1 solution

Assuming that m_strNumber is a character array then:
m_strNumber[n - 1] = '\0';

If it is a CString then
m_strNumber = m_strNumber.Left(n - 1);
CPallini 11-Nov-13 4:30am
Diba.S 26-Nov-13 13:48pm
thank u Richard

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