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what is the importance of php?
bbirajdar 11-Nov-13 1:11am
PHP helps people earn a lot of money as PHP programmers

For other details you can google...
enhzflep 11-Nov-13 1:24am
Can't fault that answer. Perfectly correct and humorous too. +1
I like the answer by aspnet, too. And, humor aside, it makes some serious sense.

However, I happened to write more serious "answer" (there cannot be a "real" answer, I believe, because this is not even a correct question, just shared some thoughts).

This is just my own opinion (and anything else would make no sense, because "importance" is a purely social term, any "objective" answer is impossible):

There are many weak or lazy programmers, and workers in general, who don't want to learn much, and do not understand that if you want to get something good, it's never too easy. That's why some sloppy, small and rudimentary tools like PHP become sometimes very popular. There is a nothing really good about PHP, except just few things: it is extremely easy to learn to the extent where you can start making some application, and also it is quite light-weight. At the same time, it is rudimentary, don't follow strict programming principles, with no fresh or elegant ideas, a lot of an ad hoc tool. There is nothing special about this language, not a single interesting feature, but a lot of really obsolete techniques like modularity based in inclusion. And nothing specially attractive.

But once the language got some popularity in some quick and dirty work, another powerful factor came into play: unlike other server-side technologies, it comes by default even with the very cheapest (or even free-of-charge) hosting plans. This economic factor makes PHP attractive: sometimes you want to have a minimally supported Web site at really low cost, but you cannot create it without server-side programming at all: you need at least some communication page, or a block engine, or a minimal chat, or stuff like that. For such functionality, you could tolerate PHP for a while, until you complete the job. Well, it could be worse. Actually, many create really serious big work with PHP, not because it's good, but due to its low cost and availability of many free components written in it.

enhzflep 11-Nov-13 1:45am
Gets my +5.

Well explained as always, historical notes included for completeness.

You don't get to consistently be #0 by sitting on your hands! (Bloody hell Sergey, you use English better than many/most(?) of the natives) :laugh:
Thank you very much.

Your compliment about my English is very pleasant and important for me, because I don't have enough feedback on the quality of English (perhaps you are aware that this is the behavior very typical for English-speaking peoples, who majorly ignore mistakes in English; not all people are like that; in contrast, in Russia, people would gladly pick the slightest signs of not quite authentic Russian and make fun of it, even if their own speech if far from perfect :-).

However, I would highly prefer to receive more criticism. I don't feel 100% comfortable and often do a good number of mistakes which are more then simple typo, but because some things are not 100% intuitive to me, so I would like to master more of English...

enhzflep 11-Nov-13 2:29am
You are most welcome Sergey.

Well, your mastery of the language is what I perceive to be fact - and (I believe) it's important to tell people what we think of them. Certainly, there are times when you may choose a word that seems a little odd, but the intention is, I think, always clear and obvious. If not for your username and my knowledge of your heritage, I would rarely, if ever, realize that you're a non-native English speaker. I certainly would be proud to use another language as well as you use English.

There have been times when I pondered advising a correction, but feared that doing so would be seen as hostile, smug or diminutive. I will certainly keep your desire for fair-minded critique in mind in the future when I spot a word/grammar construct that seems a little unnatural.

Thank you very much, Simon.

Please just keep in mind: if you see some language problems and find it possible to point out or suggest a fix, and feel like spending some seconds of your time for that, I will be very grateful.

If you really feel concerned about looking hostile or something, due to possible critique, it means that we fail to support proper culture on this site. Indeed, I see many members here who cannot adequately use the benefits of being criticized, and, instead of being grateful, some even fall in some dirty scandal, jumping into personality issues and accusations. (Apparently, as a matter of rule, the most illiterate or stupid people are the most intolerant to criticism; this is quite explainable: if someone is intolerant to criticism, such person fail to learn to be smarter... :-) But people can really grow in skills only if they receive and adequately process feedback from other people, negative being not less important than positive. This way, the skill of listening to negative (but correct) comments is an important prerequisite to growing other skills... :-)

bbirajdar 11-Nov-13 2:01am
I agree with Sergey. But I have seen many PHP supporters boasting about how the facebook is built in PHP.. Is there anything specific reason FB preferred it?
You should rather ask some FB developers. Why would you be interested in my speculations? :-)
bbirajdar 11-Nov-13 2:27am
I am a .net guy myself. I feel your view for PHP is biased without giving any specific reasons. If PHP was really bad, it would not have survived so long.

No worries. I will find my answer on my own.
I understand that, understood in first place. I won't say biased (I've chosen to use PHP for my own purpose myself), but of course subjective. I mentioned that my opinion is not really objective. I cannot give you specific reasons: my opinion is based on knowing a good number of different languages and language paradigm; and I see nothing especially good in PHP, but it's by far not the worst on Earth.

Let's better talk about your argument. You are making a very typical logical mistake. You say something like "200,000 users cannot be wrong". But why, indeed? The life works just the opposite way: a lot of lousy but surviving decisions get maximum popularity. And I think this is nearly a law of nature: the very best solutions are never popular. The reason is simple: 95% of people cannot make good judgement even of things which can be good the them. If you still disagree, think at one thing: why addiction to alcohol and tobacco is so popular? I'll answer: not because they are so useful for health, but because it's so easy to fall into it. :-)

bbirajdar 11-Nov-13 2:50am
The last sentence was good enough to convince me.. Thanks Sergey..Now I can understand your perspective... And I agree to the point that - popular does not necessarily mean the best. I can see a lot more examples of it in the real world. Cheers !!!
Great. It was good talking. Thank you very much.
thatraja 11-Nov-13 4:33am
More than enough, 5!
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 11-Nov-13 10:24am
Thank you, Raja.
PHP is a server language this means that the statements written in the language are executed at the server by a PHP engine and eventually translated to the client (web browser). There are other languages who played the same role and many of these provide better conditions for the programmer in terms of debugging, legibility, readability, etc. PHP is extremely dynamic this makes it difficult to test and find errors.

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