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I want a sorted dictionary in descending order. How can I do this?
Updated 13-Dec-17 23:39pm

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Pushkar Prabhu 25-Nov-13 23:38pm    
In this post on CP I demonstrate sorting a Generic Dictionary by both Keys, and Values, in both ascending, and descending, orders, and there's good discussion of issues in sorting Dictionaries: [^].
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store it in var type variable and write :-
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BillWoodruff 11-Nov-13 8:09am    
A .NET Generic Dictionary does not have a 'Sort method. You can use the Linq 'OrderBy operator: see my post here for a link to an example of using 'OrderBy.
Dictionary<string, string> dict = new Dictionary<string, string>();

dict.Add("Mango", "1");
dict.Add("Cat", "5");
dict.Add("Rat", "4");
dict.Add("Hare", "2");
dict.Add("Apple", "2");

dict = dict.OrderByDescending(u => u.Value).ToDictionary(z => z.Key, y => y.Value);
dict = dict.OrderByDescending(keySelector:u => u.Value).ToDictionary(keySelector:z => z.Key, elementSelector:y => y.Value);
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Deepu S Nair 14-Dec-17 5:45am    
You are answering a question which is nearly 5 years old and already solved .It may attract downvoting your answer.Please try to answer new questions

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