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Hello Guys,
I need to know about Events
In my API the events are like IDocumentsEvents in that Save(),Modified(some parameters) are there as Events and descriptions as fires when document si modified.
Still now i worked on events that raised when we tap the TAB twice it will auto generated
but here it is showing it as methods and no event is creating on += like normal events
Can someone tell me the usage of this type of events how to call and information about this type of events

Thanks in advance

1 solution

Creating your own events and raising them isn't difficult: I do it so often I created a Visual Studio snippet to give me a short cut: A Simple Code Snippet to Add an Event[^]
That shows the code you need to create the event, then all you have to do to raise it is to call the OnMyEventName method, passing it the event args you need to pass on up.
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A.Girish 15-Nov-13 6:09am    
Hello CEO, thats not i want ,plz clarify how to use that methods as events .IN API it shows it will fire when some task happens .can i make that method to normal event or just call that event.
OriginalGriff 15-Nov-13 6:24am    
Sorry, but that doesn't make any sense to me.
Please try again, perhaps with an example?
It's probably a translation thing, but I have no idea what you are trying to find out.
A.Girish 16-Nov-13 1:19am    
sorry mate i'm wrong in pointing out prblm
it solved..
A.Girish 16-Nov-13 1:20am    
Can u plz tell me when to use webapplication(Web form),website & MVC in

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