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Here is my code !!

FileStream fs = new FileStream(@"C:\movies\call.txt",FileMode.Truncate,FileAccess.Write);
StreamWriter sw = new StreamWriter(fs);
Console.WriteLine("Enter the string :");

:- When i type "1234" in the console, it gives me the output in the "call.txt" file in the integer format because i use Read() method here but i do not know what the read() method is returning, in this case "49".

thanks !!!!
Updated 16-Nov-13 20:21pm
Sampath Lokuge 17-Nov-13 2:23am
Check this may be helped to you.

1 solution

If you aren't sure what a method does, the first thing to do is turn to Google: ""[^]
This normally finds the MSDN at the top of the list: MSDN: "Console.Read Method"[^] which generally explains it pretty well.

In this case, Console.Read returns a single character the user typed: '1' in an integer - which has the value 49 in decimal. Your write method (when handed an integer) writes that integer as a string to the file: "49".
Perhaps you want to consider using Console.ReadLine instead? That would return "1234" as a string instead.
Anupsssss 17-Nov-13 3:43am
Thanks a lot it helps .
OriginalGriff 17-Nov-13 3:48am
You're welcome!

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