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Hello there,
[ServiceContract(Namespace = "http://some url/")]
		public interface ISample


			double Add(double i, double j);


			double Sub(double i, double j);


			Complex AddComplexNo(Complex i, Complex j);


			Complex SubComplexNo(Complex i, Complex j);


		[DataContract(Namespace = "http://some url/")]
		public class Complex
			public int Real { get; set; }

			public int Imaginary { get; set; }


How to assign a value to the NameSpace using web.config app settings key ?

I mean read the Namespace url from web.config and set to the Namespace property here.

I tried using a static class, but it expects the url value to be hard coded.

Can I define namespace url in web.config itself without defining here..?

The same service is used for multiple locations, so , the namespace value has to be assigned differently.

Thank you in advance.
Updated 18-Nov-13 4:44am

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[no name] 18-Nov-13 23:39pm    
Thank you, for ur answer. I have already tried it. But I want to read namespace value from web.config, which is not allowed in this case, a compilation error is thrown if a configurable value is assigned to it from web.config. Please suggest any other solution....

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