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I want to export html to word and for this I am telerik RadEditor control as html control. I am doing exporting process using Syncfusion and its work fine but when i export image it not display in word file i am using below code fot this can any one help me to solve this.

string errorMessage = "";

        IWParagraph para;
        WordDocument document = new WordDocument();
        IWSection section;
        protected void Export_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
            section = document.AddSection();
            para = section.AddParagraph();
            string htmlText = txtBody.Content;
            bool valid = section.Body.IsValidXHTML(htmlText, XHTMLValidationType.Transitional, out errorMessage);
            if (!valid)
                lblHtmlMessage.Text = "Content is not a well formatted XHTML content \nError message:\n" + errorMessage;
                lblHtmlMessage.Text = "Conversion Successful";

                document.XHTMLValidateOption = XHTMLValidationType.Transitional;

                    document.Save("test.docx", FormatType.Word2010, Response, HttpContentDisposition.Attachment);
                catch { }

1 solution

jaideepsinh 19-Nov-13 23:50pm
Thanks for your response but i want to export HTML data in to Microsoft word document.
Azure Developer 20-Nov-13 2:19am
OpenXMLSdk has been created by Microsoft to Create Office Docs , So By Using OpenXMLSDK and the htmlto openxml dll you can convert html to MS Word File.

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