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Hi all, I hope I'm asking in the right section .

I want to know how to use MAPIdotnet.dll to read SMS inbox,
I am new to programing, And I want to use it in
Is there any documentation to guide me through this fantastic library?

I have found it in this link :
Pocket PC and Smartphone 99% .NET MAPI[^]

But I couldn't understand how to use it. Many thanks in advance. Any help would be appreciated.
Updated 25-Mar-10 4:46am

MrAlshahawy wrote:
Is there any documentation to guide me through this fantastic library?

Did you try to search in Google for the documentation?

MrAlshahawy wrote:
But I couldn't understand how to use it.

To use the code in that article download the source code and use the exposed interfaces to get and display particular messages in Inbox.

Also at the end of the article there is a forum where you can ask specific questions directly to the author of the article.
Many thanks for your reply , And ofcourse I tried searching the internet
but I couldn't find what I need - Maybe because I'm not that good in programing yet - and the reason I made a new thread :

1- The article that talking about Mapidotnet is a little old , and I'm affraid no one will answer my question.

2- Having such a wrapper for c++ and converted to Dll without the ability to use it , or to know how to use it .. Is considered a big loss. Many beginer programers asking about how to use this library in MSDN forums with no answer.

3- This project at the above link contains 100s of code lines , and it needs a progrmmar with a higher level than beginner to understand it.

So If you can provide a lead to a documentation for this library or an example of how we can access this library to read SMS Inbox , That would be appreciated and will help a lot of new programers.

Many thanks in advance.
Unfortunately That article have some errors , and in most of my search result i found 1 redirection to that article.
Please notice we are going to write application for windows mobile 6.5 not 5.0

Thank you.

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