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Hi I'm using a PCI card DIO48 for interfacing an instrument to control it from my pc. I have successfully installed the PCI card. All I need to know is the BASE Address of this card so that I can read/write its different pins. What will be the PCI DIO48 card's base address . Please help.

Thanks Richard, but i am still confused. I mean to access pin 1, what will be the address? is it 0x1000 and 2nd pin 0x2000 and so on up to 0xffff ? is it right, please?

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Goodness knows how you are going to manage this if you are unable to find this[^] on your own.

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Addresses depends very much on the specific Digital IO card.

Check the manual. Failing that, contact the manufacturer.

Though, I'm astonished that there isn't an SDK you can use. You may want to check that with the manufacturer as well.
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