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Hi, I want a way to add rows to a database based on some strings i have somewhere.
any easy linq query code to accomplish this? the database is already connected by :

public static DataClasses1DataContext database = new DataClasses1DataContext();

so I need codes from here.
Pheonyx 21-Nov-13 4:05am    
You've not really told us anything of any real help... "Some rows, based on some string, I have somewhere".. What sort of strings? What sort tables, can you give an example of what you are trying to do exactly rather than this vague attempt at a "question".
TryAndSucceed 21-Nov-13 12:35pm    
Agreed with above comment. Not enough information to help. Atleast share your code.

1 solution

Sorry about the vague question.
Managed to figure it all out thou

Coursework new_course_work = new Coursework(); //new coursework
            new_course_work.Due_Date = this.dateTimePicker1.Value;//store selected date as due date
            new_course_work.Title = this.textBox1.Text;//store title from user entry
            new_course_work.Module_Code = moduleList.GetItemText(moduleList.SelectedItem);
            //store module from selection

            Globals.database.SubmitChanges();//submit the new coursework to database

            var query_ = from DataClasses1 in Globals.database.Enrols
                         where DataClasses1.Module_Code == new_course_work.Module_Code
                         select new {DataClasses1.Student_ID };//select every student ID registered on the module
            foreach (var item in query_)
                Submission new_submission = new Submission();
                new_submission.Bar_Ref_ID = Globals.Bar_Ref_Gen(); //a newlyy generated bar ref ID 
                new_submission.CWRefID = new_course_work.CWRefID; //the CWRef ID is same as the original cw
                new_submission.Status = false; //the submission status is initially set at false
                new_submission.Student_ID = item.Student_ID;//the student ID is set for it

                Globals.database.SubmitChanges();//submit the new submission

Thats my code and it works fine. Incase any one with same problem could use mine to try and solve
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