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I have a excel sheet which contains few columns.
Event Date     Holder	        Name            Validation
10/30/2013    Entry Granted  YUVARAJ             FALSE
10/30/2013    Exit granted   YUVARAJ             FALSE

I have put the above columns in the excel file in the cell A and B.

Suppose if the next row is empty row (ie) Cth row then how can i display the validation set to "true".Plz help me.

Thanks in advance.

Something like:

Using the Excel help menu item will find you lots of useful information.
The function you are looking for is ISBLANK

For example in cell D4 have a cell formula =ISBLANK(C4), D5 has =ISBLANK(C5) etc etc

Personally I would have had the validation set to TRUE if the data WAS entered in which case I would have used the formula =NOT(ISBLANK(C4))

It is very easy to get tied up with multiple isblank functions especially with localisation, dates, other formulas etc etc ... this set of search results mentions several google search for isblank issues[^] but I wouldn't worry about them unless/until you hit them

Finally, be careful about your terminology (so that it is easier for more people to help you out)
Member 10234093 said:
I have put the above columns in the excel file in the cell A and B.
. You actually meant that you have put the above data in rows 2 and 3 where row 1 is the headings row.

So ...
rows have numbers - usually these are displayed down the left hand side
columns have letters - usually displayed across the top of the sheet
cells are identified by their column + row e.g. C4 above.

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