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Write a program to create a simple quiz application as shown below
• The Question class is a new class with the following features:
o It is an abstract class;
o It includes a constructor method that receives a String and stores it in the private variable myText;

o It includes a public accessor method getText() for myText;
o It includes abstract method specifications for getQuestion(), getAnswer() and checkAnswer()

The ShortAnswerQuestion class is a derived class
o It now extends the Question class;
o Write a constructor method ;
o Its three concrete method definitions which overrides the abstract methods

The FillInBlankQuestion class is just like the ShortAnswerQuestion class with the following modifications:

o Its getQuestion() method must append the string "\nFill in the blank." to the end of the question text. Note: The question text itself does not change! Use the getText() accessor to get the main text of the question, and then use string concatenation to add "\nFill in the blank." ;

The TrueFalseQuestion class is just like the ShortAnswerQuestion class with the following modifications:

o Its myAnswer data attribute is a boolean and the explicit-value constructor receives a boolean value for the answer;
o Its getQuestion() method must append the string "\nIs this statement true or false?" to the end of the question text;
o Its getAnswer() method must still return a string (to match the abstract method it is overriding), so it needs to cast the boolean answer into a string (i.e., into "true" or "false") - you can do this using new Boolean(myAnswer).toString();
o Its checkAnswer() method must compare the string received from the calling program (answer) against a string version of the correct answer - you can do this using getAnswer().equalsIgnoreCase(answer)).

The getQuestion() accessor method calls the parent method getText() in order to gain access to the text instance variable.

Create a class called Simplequiz to store a list of Question objects. Make use of polymorphism concept.
joshrduncan2012 25-Nov-13 9:17am    
It doesn't work like that here. What questions do you have? What have you done so far? Where are you stuck?
phil.o 25-Nov-13 11:27am    
Are you seriously expecting us to do your homework?
Reported as abusive; what you are trying to do is basically cheating.

Homework is for your benefit not ours.

Try and do what you know and ask questions on what you don't know.
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Please don't ask us to do your own homework. That would defeat the very purpose of it.
So, try yourself and ask here specific questions when you get stuck.
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