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i have a record and i want to edit record and when i click on edit button i am showing old values in form for editing and there is also dropdownlist box in edit option there is office code and office name bound wigth ddl and i fill whole ddl items and value now i want that value of ddl is selected as user previously selected and value is stores in database i can show old values in text boxes but how to show old value in ddl
plz help mine code is in using VB

You can store the old value in a variable and then set the selectedvalue in the drop down to this value.
UD(IA) 25-Nov-13 17:42pm
i do this but not work..
Dim office1 = read1("Office_Cd").ToString()
ddl_editOffice.SelectedValue = office1
UD(IA) 25-Nov-13 18:36pm
'ddl_editOffice' has a SelectedValue which is invalid because it does not exist in the list of items. Parameter name: value

i got this type of error when i try to do this
Dim sql1 As String = "select * from Office_Mast where Office_Cd='" & officeCd.Trim & "' order by Office_Name"
Dim cmd3 As New SqlCommand(sql1, conn)
Dim dr1 As SqlDataReader
dr1 = cmd3.ExecuteReader
ddl_editOffice.DataTextField = "Office_Name"
ddl_editOffice.DataValueField = "Office_Cd"
ddl_editOffice.Items.Insert(0, "--Select--")
If dr1.IsClosed = False Then dr1.Close()
ddl_editOffice.SelectedValue = officeCd
always use trim function whenever we pick value from textvalue from database

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