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I am find and highlighted tree node value using bellow code. I had to give full node value as search text.So i need to give part of the node value and highlighted all the node match to given text. Can some one help me.

MY code
private void button2_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
private void FindByText()
           TreeNodeCollection nodes = treeView1.Nodes;
           foreach (TreeNode n in nodes)

       private void FindRecursive(TreeNode treeNode)
           foreach (TreeNode tn in treeNode.Nodes)
               // if the text properties match, color the item
               if (tn.Text == this.textBox.Text)
                   tn.BackColor = Color.Yellow;

Ruwan Atapattu
Updated 13-Aug-20 7:14am
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 25-Nov-13 16:21pm
What do you mean by "highlighting"? Selection? Anything else?

1 solution

You can use:
if (tn.Text.Contains(textBox1.Text))
    tn.BackColor = Color.Yellow;

I'd suggest you create a variable to hold the search string outside your recursive procedure to optimize the search ... if you are doing searches across large numbers of TreeNodes.

I observe that your code does not examine the root-level Nodes of the TreeView: is that a design decision ?
Member 14913784 13-Aug-20 13:27pm
Hi BillWoodruff,

When i tried using Contains it just allow to select one character and then it jump to that search letter in treeview,But i want to do like this way:

If i search by 'app' then it should give me result according to search text Example : 'Apple' and 'Application' and 'App' .

So how can i do this? Can you please suggest me solution for this i would appreciate.
BillWoodruff 14-Aug-20 7:09am
If you post a new question on QA, describing exactly what you want to happen, I will respond. Make sure you describe what nodes you want to find and color: all the tree nodes ? only child nodes of the current selected node ? only nodes at a certain level ?

Describe exactly what a "match" is: anywhere in the node text ?
Member 14913784 14-Aug-20 14:48pm
Yes,Anywhere in the node text and even it can be at any level
BillWoodruff 15-Aug-20 8:26am
Post a new question with the details I described above.

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