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i have some data by my Teacher to developed a software in c# for jewellery....
how to start/begin the project
i have Knowledge of C#,SQl,Database
but don;t know the starting point
what to start first design or database ?
i have to work on this two section of the software
Products Info
Sale Tran
The jewellery software will have to offer General sale of Gold ,Gold product (Ring ,Bangle etc)
there would be a stock of products.
which would be access during sale and by supplier
sale will minus the Stock where supplier by supply would add Product
Updated 27-Nov-13 2:13am
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 26-Nov-13 14:39pm     CRLF
Ask your teacher, really. Why so many beginners ask about "how to start", as if it was so important? You can start from many different points; it's only important that you understand what you are doing. The question, as you put it now, does not really make sense. —SA
Ron Beyer 26-Nov-13 14:44pm    
I agree, especially it's only important that you understand what you are doing, but I would add that it is also equally important to understand what you are going to do in so far that you make a plan before typing code or creating a DB. If you plan out what you are going to do then where you start is irrelevant, as long as you implement all the pieces to the plan.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 26-Nov-13 14:51pm     CRLF
Nevertheless, I managed to provide some advice in Solution 1, please see... —SA
Dave Kreskowiak 26-Nov-13 17:01pm     CRLF
You don't have a requirement. You have a vague idea for a project. Requirements are a complete description of the behavior of a piece of software and how it should interact with its users. You have to go back to your teacher and bash out a set of requirements.

1 solution

Please see my comment to the question. Ask you teacher — we don't know the goals of your product and requirement.

One thing is clear: your ideas on where to start are wrong, all of them. Don't start from form design, not from database. First of all, the whole idea of "knowing the starting point" is wrong. This is not something you can "know", instead, you just make a decision based on the goals, available tools and other resources and other factors.

Worst thing you can do is to start design and implementation right away. You should first learn the big picture and pretty much everything about the future project, not just your parts. Many advise not to develop anything until first stage of project architecture, design is passed and some plans are created. This is another big mistake people do. What a developer should do at this time? Not only participate in big-picture and plan discussions, but do development immediately. But what to develop? My answer is: some technology prototypes. It's apparent that you have very little experience. Start preparing yourself having the project goals in mind. Just don't pretend the prototype goals should join the project. They should always stay aside of the project and serve you as a polygon for probing different techniques you may or may not use for the project. Show your prototypes to your teacher and team members and discuss their possible use.

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Ron Beyer 26-Nov-13 14:52pm    
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 26-Nov-13 14:54pm     CRLF
Thank you, Ron. —SA
abdul manan 7 27-Nov-13 8:10am     CRLF
Thanks The jewellery software will have to offer General sale of Gold ,made Gold product (Ring ,Bangle etc) there would be a stock of product which would be access during sale and by supplier
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 27-Nov-13 9:41am     CRLF
This is just one of the many detail... —SA
abdul manan 7 28-Nov-13 13:11pm    
how is detail requirement ?

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