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Dear All,
I have String like below

String x= "SLA - 030', '<description>' (IfcSlab)";

So i need to tokenized that string to 3 part
1st part - SLA - 030
2nd part - <description>
3rd part- IfcSlab
and also those data store to be in 3 variable. Pls help me to do this

Ruwan Atapattu
Updated 28-Nov-13 8:18am
What have you tried?
Mehdi Gholam 28-Nov-13 14:20pm    
You will have to define the rules for the string breakup.
ridoy 28-Nov-13 15:17pm    
Regex is certainly a better option to do that.

Assuming the following grammar:
line   = record "," tag arg
record = any-char-except-tick+ "'"
tag    = "'" any-char-except-tick+ "'"
arg    = "(" any-char-except-lparen* ")"

Grammar PartRegexComment
full line^...$full line from begin (^) to end ($)
separating white spaces\s*zero or more space, tab, etc.
comma,one comma
record(.+?)'at least on char (.+), as little as possible (?), capturing group ((...)) directly followed by a tick (')
tag'(.+?)'some text enclosed in ticks ('...'), the enclosed text is captured in a group ((...)) and must consist of at least one character (.+), match as little as possible (?)
arg\((.*?)\)some text enclosed in parenthesis (\(...\)), the enclosed text is captured in a group ((...)) and must consist of zero or more characters (.*), match as little as possible (?)

It's easier to use verbatim string literals (@"...") to write the regex pattern since in verbatim string literals the back slash has no special meaning.
var match = Regex.Match(x, @"^\s*(.+?)'\s*,\s*'(.+?)'\s*\((.*?)\)\s*$");

match.Groups[1] contains the record
march.Groups[2] contains the tag
match.Groups[3] contains the arg

(Hint: the group index is the count of left-parenthesis in the pattern, starting at 1)

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Try a Regular Expression and capture the parts in groups.

Here's one that seems to work with the provided input and output: .*"(?'Part1'[^',]*).*'(?'Part2'[^']*)'.*\((?'Part3'[^\)]*)\)

To learn more about Regular Expressions, look into Expresso, and/or have a look at my : RegexTester[^]
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Try a Regex:

It generates three groups:
First:  SLA - 030
Second: <description>
Third:  IfcSlab

You should replace the group names with more descriptive ones though.
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Hi Ruwan

Try this code..

String x= "SLA - 030', '<description>' (IfcSlab)";

           string part1 = x.Substring(0, x.IndexOf('\''));
           string part2 = x.Substring(x.IndexOf('<') - 1, (x.IndexOf('>') +1)  - (x.IndexOf('<')-1));
           string part3 = x.Substring(x.IndexOf('(') +1, x.IndexOf(')')   - (x.IndexOf('(') +1));
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Try this:

String[] delimiterChars = { "\'", ", ", " (", ")" };
string text = "SLA - 030', '<description>' (IfcSlab)";
string[] words = text.Split(delimiterChars, StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries);
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