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i am working on wp8 so after doing mess with it i am stuck at converting the song/audio file into stream or memory stream. i need the memory stream because than i will be sending it over my own asp webservice to upload the song file. this is what i have done for fetching songs from wp8 but now i am unable to convert it so that it can be sent over werbservice:

public GetAudio()

private void fetchFromPhone()
    MediaLibrary med = new MediaLibrary();
    SongCollection allAlbums = med.Songs;
    foreach (Song item in allAlbums)
        var stream = item;
        string arr = Convert.ToString( stream);
        byte[] by=Convert.FromBase64String(arr);
        MemoryStream ms= new MemoryStream (by);
        // i am unable to get stream..
        // what to do here next to send it over service



Or suggest me some better way to achieve this. thanks in advance.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 2-Dec-13 1:31am    
Who told you that base64 is somehow involved?! Weird idea...
Member 9357064 2-Dec-13 1:38am    
i am doing the same thing with a slightly changes for photos and its working fine..
well suggest what to do in this case for audio?
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 2-Dec-13 2:28am    
You did not answer my question...

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