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Hi guys..

I am a software engineer student in my final year..I need your help please.

I need a good and new project's ideas for my graduation project..

please anyone help me.?
Updated 2-Dec-13 8:47am
CHill60 2-Dec-13 14:48pm    
Wrong forum
ZurdoDev 2-Dec-13 14:57pm    
What do you need help with?

I actually have some idea, but the main one: such idea is only valuable if it's your own. So my ideas is on how to look for such ides. The key here is: the best software is written for yourself. So, think about what you or your friends and relatives may use. First of all, think about such thing as hobby. It's also good to support discussions on such topics with your fellow students.

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eng_fahmi 2-Dec-13 16:29pm    
That was really nice of you..
thank you very much pro
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 2-Dec-13 16:36pm    
My pleasure.
Good luck, call again.
That isn't a question that we can answer in a small text box - we have no idea of your skills, interests, course, or what the college will accept as a "suitable subject".

Talk to your tutor - he will be used to it - if nothing else he should be able to give you some ideas as to what is and isn't likely to be well recieved.
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