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I have a datatable which contains some rows and clumns.

Product           To (m)     
A                 12.6     
C                 30.1     
D                 40

Now I want to retrieve the maximum value Of To (m) column. To (m) has some NULL values also.
For example

Maximum To (m) =40

Can you please provide me a suitable solution for this?
Updated 4-Dec-13 4:46am

Try this, it will draw out those rows that hold the max value, and we just pick the first one and display it in a textbox. Null is not a concern here. I assume the column index of [To (m)] is 1.

DataRow[] dr = datatable.Select("[To (m)] = MAX([To (m)])");

textBox1.Text = dr[0][1].ToString();
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Use [MSDN] DataTable.Select Method[^].
var maxRow = dt.Select("To = MAX(To)");

Here To is the DataTable Column Name. Replace your Column Name accordingly.
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ErBhati 4-Dec-13 2:14am    
my column name is TO (M) . and it gives error
What is the error?
ErBhati 4-Dec-13 2:19am    
my column has NULL values also....
Can't you have a verification for nulls?
ErBhati 4-Dec-13 2:32am    
It gives me 12.6 according to my example not the max value of TO(M) column....

you can use Linq to achieve your requirement .

try this .

var query = dt.AsEnumerable().Max(x=>x[1]);

here i select the maximum value from second column .

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