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I have an exe file on client machine that I want to call by shell command from my How can I call it from When I gave it the path ex: C:/App/app.exe it went to the server C: directory and I have a text file located also on client machine that I want to add data to it and then read then to database, also same problem when i gave it the path for the text file on client machine ex: c:/App/app.txt it located the file on server and not the one on client machine.

How can I make it take the path on client machine from server side code?

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Basically, unless there are very special conditions which do not apply in 99.99% of installations, you can't do it.

If your user is using IE, and they have ActiveX enabled, then you can. But otherwise no.

Think about it: if you could do it for legitimate reasons, malicious sites could do it as well....
[no name] 7-Dec-13 2:55am
Ok here is my situation I have a barcode reader on cleint side and I want when button click to call exe file through shell command to read data from barcode to a text file then read the text file and insert the data on sql server database. but when I gave the path for exe and the txt file it open the one on server and not the files on client side... What can I do her to communicate with client side through
OriginalGriff 7-Dec-13 3:32am
You can't - unless you can persuade the client to use IE and enable ActiveX controls.
Sorry - security is against you here!
[no name] 9-Dec-13 3:10am
I need to make it happen can you help me?
OriginalGriff 9-Dec-13 4:19am
I cannae change the laws of computin' captain!

Can I make your users use IE? No.
Can I make the ones that do enable ActiveX controls despite all the security warnings they will get telling them it's a silly idea? No.
Can I make those that do enable them install an ActiveX control from you? No.
Can I write an ActiveX control for you so the the one person left who can run it will do so? No. That is definitely your job! :laugh:
[no name] 9-Dec-13 5:21am
So how can I move data from the device on client side to my database?

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