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hi, i want to know how to read sql database in vb6 and then compare two string to get the percentage similarity between the file? i am new to vb6 so i dont know how to start the coding..could someone please help me?

You might want this:[^]

And there are plenty or articles about reading from a database on here, just look around.
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You should read and learn this article.[^]

Then implement your code to connect vb6 application and Sql server.

And code for percentage similarity between two strings as below.

dim numMatch as integer = 0
dim numNotMatch as integer = 0
dim numCharLargestString as integer = 0
dim strFirstLength as integer
dim strSecondLength as integer
dim counter as integer
dim percentage as double
dim LoopControl as integer
dim str1 as string
dim str2 as string

strFirstLength = str1.Length()
strSecondLength = str2.Length()

if strFirstLength > strSecondLength
   loopControl = strSecondLength - 1
   numCharLargestString= strFirstLength

else LoopControl = strFirstLength - 1
      numCharLargestString= strSecondLength

for counter = 0 to LoopControl
    if (string1(counter).compareTo(string2(i) = 0
        numMatch ++
    else numNotMatch ++
  end if

percentage = numMatch/numCharLargestString
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