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Hi guys is it possible to insert a a register form over a slider?

Here is my slider, if its possible can you show me a example please.

<div id="slide">
    <div class="slider">
        <ul class="items">
            <li><img src="" alt="">
                <div class="banner">

            <li><img src="" alt="">
                <div class="banner">

            <li><img src="" alt="">
                <div class="banner">

    <a href="#" class="prev"></a><a href="#" class="next"></a>

    .ready(function () {
        show: 0,
        pauseOnHover: true,
        prevBu: '.prev',
        nextBu: '.next',
        playBu: false,
        duration: 10000,
        preset: 'zoomer',
        pagination: true,
        pagNums: false,
        slideshow: 7000,
        numStatus: false,
        banners: 'fade',
        waitBannerAnimation: false,
        progressBar: false
Updated 11-Dec-13 9:30am
Can't you place one new register div inside slider div?
Nico_Travassos 11-Dec-13 5:11am
i could but every time the slider goes to next image every 30 secs it will reset the register form
Can you add one Register Form with this code and update the question with the new code?
Post whole page code so that I can see what other js or css files you are referring to.

I will try to fix this issue at my end then.
Nico_Travassos 11-Dec-13 14:56pm
its a basic slider
Nico_Travassos 11-Dec-13 15:31pm
script updated
Ok I am checking. Will let you know when I finish.
You are using the TMS Slider and I don't have the js. I need those files. If you could give me the site from where you downloaded these, that would also do.
Nico_Travassos 11-Dec-13 15:31pm
i have given you the script
Arunprasath Natarajan 13-Dec-13 2:42am
It is possible. Let us know what you have tried out by provided example code and idea.

1 solution

<div id="register" style="position:absolute;top:50px;border:1px solid #333;background-color:White;">
   <input type="text"/>

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