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I am using the following code to read excel sheets of excel workbook

OleDbDataAdapter command1 = new OleDbDataAdapter("Select * From [" + listSheetNames[0] + "]", connection);<br />
OleDbDataAdapter command2 = new OleDbDataAdapter("Select * From [" + listSheetNames[1] + "]", connection);<br />
OleDbDataAdapter command3 = new OleDbDataAdapter("Select * From [" + listSheetNames[2] + "]", connection);

Right now there are only 3 excel sheets.

I need to write the code in a way that if listSheetNames[3] is available then do something

I am trying some thing like below

if (listSheetNames[3] == "orange")<br />
                {<br />
 command4 = new OleDbDataAdapter("Select * From [" + listSheetNames[3] + "]", connection);<br />
                    command4.Fill(dataSet4);<br />
                    lstDS.Add(dataSet4);<br />

But it is not working

Can any one help me in solving this???

Updated 11-Dec-13 1:22am


Initially you should have asked Google for this.
It answered my your question for me.
You could find your solution here[^].

Hope this helps you a bit.

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Have as look at the article: How To Retrieve Schema Information by Using GetOleDbSchemaTable and Visual C# .NET under the section titled: "Create Sample That List Tables in a Database".

Be advised that the table names (worksheet names) have a post-pended "$" on them (Sheet1 becomes Sheet1$).

There should be enough information in that example for you to solve your problem, but if you need more guidance, just ask.
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