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suppose i have entered

This is Description. Assessment's. in text area control of

& then uses below query

insert into demo values('This is Description. Assessment's. ')

It gives error incorrect syntax near s. How should i deal with apostrophe s .

Assessment's This cause the error while inserting into tabel

Could you please suggest me


Exactly how you deal with this depends on exactly what you are doing: if you are entering this directly via SQL Sever Management Studio then just double up the quotes:
INSERT INTO demo VALUES('This is Description. Assessment''s. ')
(You should list the field names you are trying to insert into though - it can help prevent errors later)

However, if you are doing this via code from VB or C# for example, then you really should use a parameterized query to do the insert, and it will sort it out for you. (Concatenating strings to form an SQL query is very dangerous - it leaves you wide open to an SQL Injection Attack, which could damage or destroy your database).
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Use Double apostrophe:-
insert into demo values('This is Description. Assessment''s. ')
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U can utry this:-

DECLARE @val varchar(100)
SET @val='This is Description. Assessment''s.'
INSERT into demo(column_name)

Hope, this will help you...
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