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I have a JS array like this:
Vehicles =  [[,],[,]];

Vehicles [0][0] = "SUV"
Vehicles [0][1] = "Chevy";
Vehicles [1][0] = "SEDAN";
Vehicles [1][1] = "Nissan";

I looked into how to convert a multidimensional array into json but I was wondering if it could be done in a more simple way. How do I convert above array into a json string like such:
{"Vehicles" : 
     [{"typeClass":"SUV" , "typeVehicle":"Chevy"},
      {"typeClass":"SEDAN" , "typeVehicle":"Nissan"}

I read I can use JSON.stringify(Vehicles). But the array is a cyclic datasctructure so that will not work. Should I just built the string and then parse it into a JSON object?
Such as
var Vehicles = "SUV,Chevy;SEDAN,Nissan";
var MyJSONObject = JSON.parse(Vehicles);

Updated 12-Dec-13 10:50am
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 12-Dec-13 14:53pm
Why? JSON is the adequate Javascript structure which should be used instead of string, not populated from a string. But you can do it, what's the problem?
Member 3493606 12-Dec-13 15:54pm
I am doing an AJAX request, the data would be my array (Vehicles), which needs to be in JSON format. Maybe I phrased it incorrectly. How do I create the JSON structure from that JS array?
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 12-Dec-13 17:56pm
JSON IS a JS array... :-)
Member 3493606 16-Dec-13 10:54am
You are right, I figured it out.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 16-Dec-13 10:59am
Pleasure to deal with an inquirer who can actually use the advice and make things happen.
enhzflep 16-Dec-13 11:09am
Indeed. Unfortunately, something of a rarity.

1 solution

This will produce the output you've specified.

function Vehicle(class_t, type_t)
    this.typeClass = class_t;
    this.typeVehicle = type_t;

function test1()
	var tmp=new Array();
	tmp[0] = new Vehicle("SUV", "Chevy");
	tmp[1] = new Vehicle("SEDAN", "Nissan");
	myDataObject = new Object;
	myDataObject.Vehicles = tmp;
	objectJSON = JSON.stringify(myDataObject);

If you wished to convert your existing array, you could do so with a small function.

function test2()
    var Vehicles = new Array();
    Vehicles[0] = new Array("SUV", "Chevy");
    Vehicles[1] = new Array("SEDAN", "Nissan");
    Vehicles[2] = new Array("COUPE", "Mazda");
    Vehicles[3] = new Array("ESTATE", "Volvo");

    var i, n = Vehicles.length;
    var tmp = new Array();
    for (i=0; i<n; i++)
        tmp[i] = new Vehicle( Vehicles[i][0], Vehicles[i][1] );
    var mObj = new Object;
    mObj.Vehicles = tmp;
    var objJSON = JSON.stringify(mObj);
Member 3493606 16-Dec-13 10:53am
I figured it out but thanks for the example.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 16-Dec-13 10:59am
enhzflep 16-Dec-13 11:08am
Thank-you. :)

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