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I am a freelancer and i am doing a website using c#.Can any one tell me how to make a division
in html visible only in desktop.God bless you.
Updated 12-Dec-13 18:55pm
Mitchell J. 13-Dec-13 0:53am    
What sort of division? A <div>? A <br />?
faizel s 13-Dec-13 0:55am     CRLF
BillWoodruff 13-Dec-13 1:25am    
div tags affect what is displayed in a browser: what's that got to do with the Desktop ?
faizel s 13-Dec-13 1:36am    
By Desktop i mean laptop browsers
What have you tried and where is the problem?

1 solution

There are many ways to detect, using javascript, whether a browser is mobile or not.
It's easier to detect a mobile browser - and thus indirectly desktop browsers - because if a browser is not mobile, it's desktop.

Check this link out. There are heaps of free code samples on the web.

Once you have a javascript function to detect whether a browser is mobile or not, you can then run some javascript on DOM load to hide the div with the background image.

Forexample, using jQuery:
$(document).ready(function () {
   //You can find heaps of functions that you can rename "isMobileBrowser()" through the link above.
   if (isMobileBrowser()) {
      //change bk_image to whatever the id of your div is.
      $('bk_image').css('display', 'none');

Hope this helps :-)
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