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Hi all,

Based on my functionality I want convert int[] to object[]. I tried to do this but I can't to convert this.

int[] intrs = new int[] { 400, 435, 446, 900 };

            object[] obj = intrs;

Can you any one tell me how to convert int[] to object[]?

thanks in advance..
Updated 15-Jun-21 4:58am

There is a very nice explanation for the issue here that you should read - Can't convert value type array to params object[][^]
BillWoodruff 13-Dec-13 4:54am
Upvoted: reading Eric Lippert is always a good thing !
Ankur\m/ 16-Dec-13 4:48am
Indeed! :)
int[] intrs = new int[] { 400, 435, 446, 900 };

            object[] obj = (from i in intrs select i).Cast<object>().ToArray();

it will help you use this casting method
U@007 13-Dec-13 5:00am
thank you kukana
Omprakash Kukana 13-Dec-13 6:14am
your welcome 007
You can't convert an array that simply - you can't explicitly cast it either. What you have to do is create a new object[] from the existing data.
It's pretty easy though:
int[] intrs = new int[] { 400, 435, 446, 900 };
object[] obj = Array.ConvertAll(intrs, x => (object)x);
[no name] 13-Dec-13 4:39am
Really a good solution in lambda expression
U@007 13-Dec-13 4:43am
thank you originalgriff :) 5+
OriginalGriff 13-Dec-13 4:44am
You're welcome!
BillWoodruff 13-Dec-13 4:53am
+5 Bullseye.
Be explicit:

int[] intrs = new [] { 400, 435, 446, 900 };

object[] obj = intrs.Select(x => x as object).ToArray();
Richard Deeming 15-Jun-21 12:04pm
Exactly the same as the code posted in solution 3 eight years ago.

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