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I am developing a web application for the firm using MVC & Knockout. I am very much new to MVC and Knockout. In the admin side I need to display the users who are applied, approved, rejected in the Grid format.

I wrote controller to get AllUsers and I can able to bind all those users to Table. And I want to filter them at the client side using knockout to reduce the round trips to DB. It will boost my application performance.

So, what I need is: how can I check whether the user is Approved or Rejected using Knockout and based on that check I need to bind that data to separate Tables.

I googled about this and I could not able to understand properly as I am very much new to this Technology.

Can some body help me on this.

here is my client side code using Knock out
function UserViewModel(){
    var self=this;
    self.UserName = ko.observable("");
    self.ContactNo = ko.observable("");
    self.Email = ko.observable("");
    self.User_ID = ko.observable("");
    self.IsApproved = ko.observable("");

    var ApprovedUsers = {
        UserName: self.UserName,
        ContactNo: self.ContactNo,
        Email: self.Email,
        User_ID: self.User_ID,
        IsApproved: self.IsApproved     

    self.ApprovedUsers = ko.observableArray();

          url: "Home/GetAllUsers",
          cache: false,
          type: "JSON",
          contentType: "application/json; charset=utf-8",
          data: {},
          success: function(data){

     var viewModel = new UserViewModel();

I can able to bind all the data by using the above code, but it was included all type users (Approved, Applied & Rejected).

How can I check the value of Property "IsApproved" on client side and based on that How can I filter the data using KnockOut?

Thanks in advance
Murali Krishna
Updated 13-Dec-13 15:13pm

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