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currently i am working on a project which will run on LAN without Internet. After Installation SETUP in all all three Computers . Now i have a server which will stored data. How to communicate Client and Server to store Data.means that i store something data from client computers then it will store on server. for example a website.
H.Brydon 19-Dec-13 9:27am
You really aren't asking a coherent question. It is coming across like "my brother married a woman who has a daughter. What is her name?"
Maciej Los 19-Dec-13 14:59pm

Hermenegilda is a Polish version of Hermenegild [^] name. We are saying in that way when we don't know what to say ;)

1 solution

If you're talking about client-server application, there are 2 options:
1. socket programming[^]
2. database programming[^]
KP Singh Chundawat 20-Dec-13 0:04am
Database Programming. #Maciej Los .If you have any idea then share it.
Thanks in advance.
Maciej Los 20-Dec-13 1:39am
Follow the link...
KP Singh Chundawat 20-Dec-13 1:50am
which link Maciej Los. You did not post any links .Please Share it.Thanks in advance.
Maciej Los 20-Dec-13 1:52am
Please, read my answer. There are 2 links. Foloow the second one.

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