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The UI has a "loading" spinner. During the data loading below, the UI is responsive. During the LINQ, it freezes. The computer has 8 cores.

public async static Task Load()
    if (_loader == null)
        _loader = Task.Run(() =>
            using (var ta = new PostformDbTableAdapters.coloursTableAdapter())
                Colours = ta.GetData();
            using (var ta = new PostformDbTableAdapters.finishesTableAdapter())
                Finishes = ta.GetData();
            using (var ta = new PostformDbTableAdapters.image_metaTableAdapter())
                ImageMeta = ta.GetData();
            using (var ta = new PostformDbTableAdapters.laminate_appearancesTableAdapter())
                LaminateAppearances = ta.GetData();
            using (var ta = new PostformDbTableAdapters.laminate_finishesTableAdapter())
                LaminateFinishes = ta.GetData();
            using (var ta = new PostformDbTableAdapters.laminatesTableAdapter())
                Laminates = ta.GetData();
            using (var ta = new PostformDbTableAdapters.manufacturersTableAdapter())
                Manufacturers = ta.GetData();
            using (var ta = new PostformDbTableAdapters.materialsTableAdapter())
                Materials = ta.GetData();
            using (var ta = new PostformDbTableAdapters.patternsTableAdapter())
                Patterns = ta.GetData();
            Swatches = Laminates.Where(lam => lam.lam_man_id != "or").Select( lam => new Laminate
                Id = lam.lam_id,
                Name = lam.lam_name,
                Sku = lam.lam_sku,
                Manufacturer = Manufacturers.FindByman_id(lam.lam_man_id).man_name,
                Finishes = LaminateFinishes.Where(lf => lf.lf_lam_id == lam.lam_id).Select(fin => Finishes.FindByfin_id(fin.lf_fin_id).fin_code).ToArray(),
                ImageId = lam.Islam_img_idNull() ? (int?)null : lam.lam_img_id
            _loader = null;
        await _loader;
        await _loader;

I've tried with and without .AsParellel() on the LINQ.

How can I keep the UI responsive?

1 solution

if you have visual studio 2012 or greater (.Net Framework 4.5 I think) you can use the Async keywords[^]

if not your mostly likely solution will be to put the linq on it's own thread.
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Yvan Rodrigues 20-Dec-13 12:59pm    
That's exactly what I'm doing.
bowlturner 20-Dec-13 13:27pm    
Sorry, should have looked closer.

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