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How to pass command line argument values to my main method in c# with VS2008

Right click on the project and select "Properties", navigate to the "Debug" tab and add your aragument values in the "Command line arguments:" box. Remember you may also need to select the "Working directory:".
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Example to do this create a notepad file and save it with any name with a .cs extension and paste in the following code

using System;
class Command

public static void Main(String[ ] args)
string name= args[0].ToString();
Console.WriteLine("Name Entered via Command Line argument is: "+name);

use the Visual Studio Command Prompt for this
Once this file is compiled(csc filename.cs) then after u run the exe then give ur name i.e

FileName Radix and then press enter and see the Magic

Command Line argument files can only run like this and if u try to run it in the development environment then it will prompt u an Exception saying

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Radix :rose:

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