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I have text files named as "S100141.asd.text".this file contain two columns data like this

wavelength S100141.asd

325 0.015082292401682
326 0.011690540571175
327 1.06575414031349E-02

like this text file we have another file named as " S100144.asd.text" and it again contain data like this :

Wavelength S100144.asd
325 1.35059549289737E-02
326 0.010981114226419
327 1.22348778870862E-02
328 1.63555124470031E-02
329 1.57389782659161E-02

I want to import the second column of every text file in a datagridview using C# coding for futher query .I'm unable to do so .ANybody please if know the code how to do it then help me?

1 solution

Hello ,

try this way..

first declare one global variable to store the lst of string (for the second colum of every text file)
List<string> lststring = new List<string>();</string></string>

Now read every textfile containing data by this way
                    OpenFileDialog op = new OpenFileDialog();//to select a file 
                    string filename = op.FileName;
                    string text = File.ReadAllText(filename);
                    string[] rowcollection= text.Split(new string[] { Environment.NewLine }, StringSplitOptions.None); //split the whole text where it takes new line

//Now make one for loop where we can again split the each row  where we find white Space 
                    foreach (string item in rowcollection) 
                            string[] substring = item.Split(' ');
                            lststring.Add(substring[1]); //and finally add the substring in the global variable .


and now finally set datagridview DataSource to
dataGridView1.DataSource = lststring. Select(x => new { Value = x }).ToList();

I think this will help you


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