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Hello , I am trying to finish my application. I am stuck with the photo uploader of Redactor. i am using Here is the usage of redactor :
<script type="text/javascript">
        $(function() {
                focus: true,
                imageUpload: '../redactor/PHP/image_upload.php'






// This is a simplified example, which doesn't cover security of uploaded images.
// This example just demonstrate the logic behind the process.

// files storage folder
$dir = '../redactor/IMAGES/';

$_FILES['file']['type'] = strtolower($_FILES['file']['type']);

if ($_FILES['file']['type'] == 'image/png'
|| $_FILES['file']['type'] == 'image/jpg'
|| $_FILES['file']['type'] == 'image/gif'
|| $_FILES['file']['type'] == 'image/jpeg'
|| $_FILES['file']['type'] == 'image/pjpeg')
    // setting file's mysterious name
    $filename = md5(date('YmdHis')).'.jpg';
    $file = $dir.$filename;

    // copying
    move_uploaded_file($_FILES['file']['tmp_name'], $file);

    // displaying file
    $array = array(
        'filelink' => 'http://redactor8/tmp/'.$filename

    echo stripslashes(json_encode($array));



Updated 24-Dec-13 0:53am
Er. Tushar Srivastava 27-Dec-13 16:25pm
I guess you haven't pointed out any error that you are getting. Please consider revising the question. :)

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