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Hi I have file that have numbers and my dialog there are editBoxes that received numbers and I want to when button Add clicked if the information in editBoxes are new so add it at the end of the file else(number has already exist in file) find the line and replace the name.
I know how to add new information but for editing file I need help.

I write a code to search in file line by line and save each word in a room of array but don't no how replace it
if u can please help me to complete this cod(if it is true) else please help me in new way

thank u in advance :)

m_status is my CStdioFile and m_Number is the first editBox and m_Name is second editBox

    CString str6;
CString str7;
CString strToken;
CString x[2];
int length=0;
int nTokenPos = 0;
int xcounter=0;

m_status.Open("E:\\3.txt",CStdioFile::modeReadWrite); //open file
    length++;   //get the number of line in file

for(int i=0;i<length;i++)
    str7 = str6;
    strToken = str7.Tokenize(_T(" "),nTokenPos); //each word between spaces save in
    while (!strToken.IsEmpty())
         x[xcounter] = strToken;  //save each word in array
         strToken = str7.Tokenize(_T(" "), nTokenPos);
    if (x[1]==m_Number)
        //here I want if number in file was same as number in editBox1 so change
                    //the name in file to name in editbox2

Updated 2-Jan-14 6:27am

1 solution

You cannot do it the way your code is written, because, if the new data is not exactly the same size as the original you will end up with a corrupt file. You should read all the data into a collection, then modify the data in there. When all updates are complete you rewrite the entire file.
CPallini 2-Jan-14 14:11pm
Richard MacCutchan 3-Jan-14 3:24am
Diba.S 2-Jan-14 15:35pm
thank you Mr.Richard MacCutchan

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