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Is it possible To use AJAX in C# windows form application.
Updated 6-Nov-21 18:10pm
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 30-Dec-13 2:16am    
What it would possibly mean? :-)
ZurdoDev 31-Dec-13 20:34pm    

The question does not seem to make any sense, and this is not about possibility or lack of possibility. The term Ajax is related to Javascript and nothing else:[^].

The question would make some sense if you somehow hosted some Javascript interpreter and runtime system in your System.Windows.Forms application, but it's hard to believe: if you worked at that level of sophistication, it would be apparent for you that you could use everything Javascript offers, including Ajax, so you would not ask such a question.

Rather, I suspect that you need to send an HTTP request to some site or Web service and receive HTTP response. But this can be done using the class System.Net.HttpWebRequest:[^],[^].

And of course this is totally unrelated to System.Windows.Forms or any other UI framework/library or any particular application type.

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joginder-banger 12-Nov-14 8:03am    
you are Great Sir.....i check your personal website i enjoy it.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 12-Nov-14 10:51am    
Thank you.
They are simply inquiring about reading JSON data over WinForms, much like a web document. The OP's question in the year of 2021 is more than interpreted with next to no confusion in this regard, so I'm surprised to see the level of "what is this language you speak of".

Sure threw me off the wagon on this criteria, so lets clear the smoke and irrelevancy and jump to the Newtonsoft JSON library where this should of originally been referred to in hopes of resolution or a straight answer.

For reference:
NewtonSoft, JSON.NET, and many more. Just search Nuget repo and you will be well on your way. Of course this OP was 2013, so for those of you who are currently inquiring.. check those out. De-serialization is your goal.
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