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Im trying to automate some things for work, ive tried various methods so far, but its not working.

heres the html code , its within a frame, not complete but what i think pertains here.[^]

I cant seem to get the webbrowser to do onclick, ive tried using the class method, and other ways.

<div id="main_account00" class="mainMenuLevel1" style="z-index: 1011; clip: rect(0px 130px 23px 0px); width: 130px; height: 23px; removed 1px; removed 1px; visibility: inherit;">Statement Status
<div id="main_account00_1" class="mainMenuLevel1over" style="removed 0px; removed 0px; visibility: hidden; clip: rect(0px 130px 23px 0px); width: 130px; height: 23px; z-index: 1012;">Statement Status
<div id="main_account00_3" class="clCMAbs" style="removed 0px; removed 0px; visibility: inherit; z-index: 1013;">
<a href="#" onmouseover="main.showsub('account00')" onmouseout="main.mout('account00')"  önclick="main.onclck('account00'); return false">
<img alt="" src="/pnet/prodtheme/prodimage/cm_fill.gif" width="130" height="23" border="0">

and here my current code that doesn't work.

Dim theElementCollection3 As HtmlElementCollection = Nothing
theElementCollection =WebBrowser1.Document.Window.Frames("ContentFrame").Document.GetElementsByTagName("div")
           For Each curElement3 As HtmlElement In theElementCollection
               If InStr(curElement3.GetAttribute("class").ToString, "clCMAbs") Then
            End If
CHill60 31-Dec-13 8:12am
Shouldn't "önclick" be "onclick" ?
Member 10494883 31-Dec-13 12:02pm
its onclick in the html code, somehow it got change when i submitted here.
CHill60 1-Jan-14 13:55pm
Well that knocks that theory out! :-) How about the "main.onclck" ... should that be "main.onclick"?
Member 10494883 1-Jan-14 18:18pm
nope, thats how it is in the code, it call a javascript function. i figured just doing click would call the function,

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