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Hi at the moment I've made scripts with Pascal and a program in but im currently looking to use c# or c++ but don't know what to go for or what the difference is or what would generally be better to use in the long term.

I want to buy some books on a language and stick with it

What are everyone's thoughts?

Amarnath S 1-Jan-14 9:04am    
If you want to go with C++, here is a fine book to read and understand - available at the Stanford website: - Go to the "TextBook PDF" link on that page. Bear in mind that this book is about problem solving using C++; and therefore not like any other standard textbook - in fact it is much better than those.

Would be helpful if you would explain what you want to do with it. C# is great but limits you more or less to windows development. Sure there is Mono but it will still limit you. c++ for some people is the only language out there (together with c) and is actually a good choice because really anything can be done with it. One downside is the long learning curve to learn the language (and learn to use it properly). Another good choice might be Java as it is more cross platform and also has support for a lot of devices (including Android).

Maybe I could help you better if you could tell me more about your plans in a comment to this answer.
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Member 10439491 31-Dec-13 6:43am    
Well I don't particularly have any interest in other platforms (for now) I just like making little programs and bots for say clicking colours, auto clicking, automated things. That's really all I know how to do at the moment. I would like to learn how to make big programs and maybe even simple games in the future. But for now just need a starting point
E.F. Nijboer 31-Dec-13 9:15am    
In that case both C# and Java would be a good choice. Especially when you start programming these two handle a lot of memory management for you. They are also used a lot so there are lots of books, sites and other information you can easily find. To be honest, both Java and C# look a lot alike when it comes to their syntax. Often universities and such use Java because it is free including a lot of the tooling used to program. But essentially C# is also free and you can use visual studio express edition also for free. If I were you I would have a look at both of them and peek around to see what you like or dislike about both of them. Both have a lot to offer and since you're just starting (and after choosing surely will stay in that camp for some time) it is best to choose what you feel is right. As said you can download and install both development environments for free. Both visual studio and eclipse have multi language support so you can also try c/c++ if you like with both of them. But my advice would be to first limit your focus on java and c#.

Good luck!
Member 10439491 31-Dec-13 13:55pm    
well I already have visual studio installed so that's a start. what type of thing is made with java as I've not really looked into java.
E.F. Nijboer 2-Jan-14 7:41am    
You can use Eclipse for Java development. Installer(s) can be found here:

ps. You can also google for "java ide" for more results like NetBeans and IntelliJ.
Looks like You have multiple programming language experience so you will be able to quickly go through the any programming language.

As per my experience with C# and other languages, it will give you good to go to grasp and hand over it quickly. Plus you will find lots of support for this language compare to other language. C# is widely used for windows platform products.

Similar to C# C++,C will be mostly similar fundamentals, even Java falls under same category.

I suggest you to first check few basic tutorials for like C# or Java or C++. I can say after you get some acquaintance you will find your interest. Dont just jump start and buy book, first give a day or two for any particular language tutorial.
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Member 10439491 31-Dec-13 6:45am    
from what ive seen C# seems quite similar to vb anyway so I think I might be able to pick that up quickly but for C++, what ive seen looks complicated. I never even thought about java.

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