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I am working on one project in which i have to design a table dynamically.I have all the data that is needed to build a table.There are also certain Groups. For E.g If we consider age as a group. So it may have 2 subgroups like 0-50,50-100. Now in a sub group 0-50, i have two another sub groups like 0-25,26-50. So now the thing is this details are not static.Data is totally dynamic. I have relationship among this groups by which i can identify that this value is related to this group. So I requesting you please tell me how can i accomplish this task in C#.How can i design this table on page using c#. I really need your help. Please give me name of the tool which generate this kind of design.

Thank You.
Updated 3-Jan-14 19:16pm
lw@zi 3-Jan-14 1:44am
Can you post a sample row(s) demonstrating how the tables should look like?
Member 10500506 3-Jan-14 3:42am
I have one html file which will give the clear idea about the format that i want. But when i am pasting that code here. Window is not showing that particular format. Tt will good if i get your email id.So i can send you that file and you will get an idea.
lw@zi 3-Jan-14 3:45am
You can use any of the free file upload websites and update the question with the link.
Member 10500506 4-Jan-14 0:13am
As per ur request i am sending you the link of that file though u can see what i want. Please tell me any tool or whatever by which i can fulfill my requirement. Thank You. The download link is here.

1 solution

What you suggest wouldn't need dynamic tables. You simply would need a table with people, a table with age categories and a table to link those together. The question would also be if you need access to that information very often. Otherwise you could generate a persons age categories just when you need them.

Most of the time dynamically created tables are hard to handle in a program because you don't know what to expect. It is hard to query them because you need information about the table structure every time you build a query. So I really think you should reconsider your data structure and if dynamic tables are really necessary.

Good luck!

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