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i have requirement
1. My project in winform
2. I have to get all third party control in wpf (For word editor having flowchart). For that I add all third project in wpf project.
3. Now I added reference of wpf project in winform project
4. Now I want some data back to send to winform from wpf project and also some common folders to shares in between these two projects .
5. How could i achieve this?
6. Is this common methodolgies to add wpf project in winform ?
7. Also I cant host wpf in winform as it causes another problems like third party control (Teleriks ) is not working prooperly.Accessing from winform to windows ..
Updated 6-Jan-14 0:49am

1 solution

Yes, you can either host a System.Windows.Forms control in WPF window or host a WPF control in a form, but I would not advise to go any of these ways unless it is badly needed; this interoperability is extremely complex, due to very different nature of these libraries. It would be enough to say that WPF has little to do with Windows API; it is based on DirectX, its control don't use Windows message pumping and cannot directly interact with HWNDs…

You can find all the information if you start here:
WPF and Windows Forms Interoperation,
Windows Forms and WPF Interoperability Input Architecture,
Hosting Windows Forms Controls in WPF,
Hosting WPF Controls in Windows Forms.

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sp_suresh 6-Jan-14 19:52pm    
thanks for your reply...
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 7-Jan-14 1:24am    
You are welcome. Will you accept the answer formally (green "Accept" button)?
Maciej Los 8-Jan-14 15:34pm    
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 9-Jan-14 12:21pm    
Thank you, Maciej.

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