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I have a (SearchEmployee.ascx) Usercontrol for Search Employee details in my site... I need to use this Usercontrol into all my aspx pages..when the user click searchbutton on usercontrol then page must be redirected to searchpage.aspx with the values given by enduser...i dont want to use Session and Querystring to pass values...Then How can i pass values to searchpage.aspx... Searchpage.aspx does't contain this usercontrol...In this page i have get the details from database depend on the values.......Please Give me a suggestions for pass values between usercontrol and aspx page

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It is more like moving data from Page to Page.

Since you dont need to use Query string and Session, You can transfer the data by POst method

Passing Value Between Pages in ASP.NET[^]

For your case to get the date from user control just follow the simple example.

In the search page you have to use the following
protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
            Label1.Text = "HTTP POST Value: " + Request.Form["users1$TextBox1"].ToString();

where users1 is the ID of the Search User control of the previous page and TextBox1 is the id of the Textbox in the user control .

Here in the above code make sure you use same id for all the pages that have search control
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you must be looking for this.

Try This
In your user control expose a property for the value
Public Property SomeValue() As String
    Return textbox1.Text
End Get
End Property

Then in your aspx page load, just reference the user control's value.

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SnvMohan 9-Jan-14 4:32am    
I need to pass values from usercontrol to another page...and that page doesnt use to pass values...? your suggestion pages get values from same page where usercontrols used and values accessed directly....
Gitanjali Singh 9-Jan-14 4:44am    
check the updated solution.

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