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how to reading the local system password policy programmatically in c#
Example :
Policy Security Setting

Enforce password history like => 24 passwords remembered
Maximum password age like => 30 days
Minimum password age like => 1 days
Minimum password length like => 7 characters
Password must meet complexity requirements like => Enabled ====> But this is in details.?
Store passwords using reversible encryption like => Disabled

Please help me urgent sir(Mr. thund3rstruck)
Updated 10-Jan-14 3:41am
Ron Beyer 9-Jan-14 13:01pm    
So, I open your website and you want to be able to read my local system password policy with ASP?

Or are you trying to read the local system password policy of the computer your ASP site is on?

Either way, this puts an unsavory taste in my mouth, I can only see that you are attempting to accomplish something at the very least against computer use policy, and at worst, illegal.
Nelek 9-Jan-14 14:05pm    
I recommend you to explain exactly what and why do you need... you are walking on the limits to be considered abuse (what would bring a ban)

1 solution

First, the registry of the client machine is off-limits to your code. ASP.NET code runs entirely on the server, not the client.

Second, this is a HUGE security risk. Think about it. Would let some random web site read your registry to get very intimate details about your machine and configuration??

I don't think so...
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